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Publicado: 04/06/2021

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), based in Parma, Italy, is looking for a Temporary Agent, Grade AD6:


Descripción de la empresa

EFSA employs around 500 staff members, and its Scientific Committee and Panels engage highly qualified and independent scientific experts.

Funciones del candidato/a

  • Contributing to the Risk Assessment of GMO applications providing scientific and administrative support to the GMO Panel and its Working Groups (i.e. preparation of working documents, scientific opinions, etc.) in one of the following areas:
    • Comparative analysis of field trials (assessment of the production and quality of the starting materials, evaluation of the representativeness of the field trial sites and their management practices, evaluation of the agronomic and phenotypic performance);
    • Environmental risk assessment (ERA) (persistence and invasiveness assessment, vertical and horizontal gene flow, interactions with target and non-target organisms, impacts on biogeochemical processes as well as impacts of altered agricultural management practices);

  • Search or obtain data and information, collect and collate them for preparing scientific materials;
  • Analyse and evaluate data for preparing working documents related to the scientific assessment;
  • Contribute to the preparation, drafting and reviewing of scientific outputs and reports;
  • Monitoring scientific and regulatory developments related to the work of the Unit and contributing to the development of guidance and methodology documents in the respective areas when needed;
  • Keep abreast of scientific and regulatory developments and provide information on legislative, policy and scientific aspects in the respective fields;
  • Ensure coordination with European, national and international stakeholders within the scientific activities of the organisation;
  • Communicate and present scientific outputs to the public.

Requisitos del candidato

You must satisfy the following requirements on the closing date for submission of your application:

Eligibility criteria

1. General requirements

  • Be national of a Member State of the European Union, Iceland or Norway;
  • Enjoy full rights as a citizen;
  • Have fulfilled any obligations imposed by laws concerning military service;
  • Be physically fit to perform the duties linked to the post;[1]
  • Have a thorough knowledge of one of the EU official languages and a satisfactory knowledge of another EU language;
  • Meet the character requirements for the duties involved;

2. Qualifications

A level of education which corresponds to completed university studies of at least three (3) years attested by a diploma in one of the following fields: agronomy, plant breeding, (applied) biology, genetics, plant physiology, biotechnology or related areas.  [2]

3. Experience

In addition to the above, at least three (3) years of relevant and proven professional experience gained after obtaining the diploma.[3]

In case you do not fulfil all the eligibility criteria, your application will not be taken into consideration.

Selection criteria

The following competencies will be assessed throughout the different phases of the selection procedure. Candidates are also expected to demonstrate effective communication in both spoken and written English as well as strong motivation for the position.

1. Technical competencies

  • Professional experience, preferably gained in a multicultural environment, in one of the following areas:

a) Scientific areas relevant to the comparative analysis of GM plants;

b) Scientific areas relevant to the ERA of GMO;

  • Experience in generating, collecting and collating evidence in the areas indicated above;
  • Demonstrated experience in writing and reviewing scientific documents such as scientific articles, reports, opinions and guidance documents using appropriate scientific terminology;
  • Ability to communicate scientific outputs by conveying the message in a transparent and understandable way for different target audiences;
  • Proven experience in analysing and interpreting data gained in a scientific environment.

Following competencies are considered an asset:

  • Knowledge (through training or professional experience) of risk assessment methods and principles;
  • Knowledge of the EU framework in the area of GMO;
  • A PhD in a scientific area directly relevant to the job.

2. Behavioural competencies

  • Deal with ambiguity: Able to work constructively within unexpected and unpredictable situations and show resilience and composure, even in difficult or adverse circumstances; able to decide and act without having the total picture; accept constructive feedback in a positive manner;
  • Demonstrate political savvy and strategic agility: Look beyond the current situation and visualise what the future can bring with a keen sense for arising opportunities and good understanding of how and when to best pursue them; able to think in a creative and innovative way;
  • Focus on stakeholder needs: Committed to meet the expectations and requirements of internal and external stakeholders; establish and maintain effective relationships with stakeholders and gain their trust and respect;
  • Plan and measure for results: Set ambitious goals that exceed the targets and create plans to achieve them; ensure an efficient and responsible planning and management of resources;
  • Work with others: Work confidently within a group and contribute to achieve the common goals, understanding own role and how it supports the team and the organisation; able to cooperate, listen actively, manage conflicts and motivate colleagues.

Condiciones que ofrece la empresa

  • Life in Parma
  • Salary and benefits: EFSA can offer the selected candidate a contract of 5 years with the possibility of renewal.
  • The successful candidate will be recruited as Temporary Agent Grade AD6 with the basic salary starting from € 5.524 monthly, subject to an annual review of remuneration provided for in Article 65(1) of the Staff Regulations.
  • In addition to the basic salary, EFSA offers a range of benefits:
  • Various allowances to which the successful jobholder may be entitled, such as a household allowance, expatriation allowance (16% of basic salary), dependent child allowance and education allowance. The salary is subject to a Community tax deducted at source and staff members are exempt from national taxation.
  • Wide range of leaves (e.g. annual leave, parental leave, public holidays) and flexible working hours. Besides working in EFSA’s modern headquarter located in the heart of Parma, staff members are also offered the possibility to telework up to 50% of working time.
  • A comprehensive welfare package including pension scheme, medical, accident and occupational disease insurance coverage, unemployment and invalidity allowance, and travel insurance. Further information regarding rights.


Please send us your application by no later than 23 June 2021 at 23:59 (local time) in: https://careers.efsa.europa.eu/jobs/scientific-officer-agronomy-268

The purpose of this call is to establish a talent pool (reserve list) that may be used for the recruitment of staff when a position becomes available and will be valid until 31/12/2022. The validity of the talent pool may be extended.

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